There are few or no ways better than pressure washing for removing the accumulated dirt, grime, stains, and mold in your home’s exterior, on wood decks, brick, or stone patios. While you can DIY, cleaning the unsightly filth and gunk is painstaking and can get too dangerous. Your home or business property is a valuable investment whose care you shouldn’t entrust to the amateur pressure washers. 

So, the best option is to hire a professional pressure washer. But not all pressure washing companies guarantee quality cleaning services. Learn more as we discuss the 4 things to look for when engaging the services of a professional pressure washer;

1. Licensing & Insurance

Before settling on any particular company, confirm that they have proper credibility, i.e., they’re licensed, bonded, and insured. If your company of choice is licensed, then they’re operating legally and meet the cleaning standards.

Further, although you cannot compare amateurs with professional pressure washers, even a company with skilled, and experienced staff is susceptible to accidents. Professional companies acquire insurance for their team.

So, before hiring any service, make sure they show proof of insurance that protects their employees. Otherwise, in the event of an accident on your premises, you risk being held liable.

2. Cleaning Equipment & Compounds

It would be better if you did the cleaning yourself instead of hiring a pressure washing company that uses a cheap pressure washing machine. Your company of choice should employ the current standards in sanitation, which means using state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment.

They should explain the cleaning process best for your property and answer any of your questions. Avoid companies that only insist on high pressure and harsh cleaning chemicals as their secret to better cleaning. Lower pressure and a mildly chlorinated solution pose less risk of damage to your roof, vinyl siding, and other materials on your premises.

3. Qualifications & Credentials

If there’s one blunder you could ever make, then it would be hiring an amateur simply because they promised unrealistic charges for the service. Your home and business property are valuable assets that need the proper care of trained and experienced professionals.

A professional pressure washing company has its staff trained in all aspects of cleaning. They understand how to mix chemicals, the approach, and pressure level to use when cleaning different surfaces and the compounds they shouldn’t use on particular surfaces and delicate objects.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee

Professional pressure washing companies are proud and very much willing to stand behind the quality of their work. Don’t take their word for it but ask for before and after pictures of their previous project as a confirmation that they meet customer’s expectations. Besides, you could ask for references for reassurance regarding the pressure washing services of the company in question.

What’s more, before you can sign the job contract, make sure the company offers a no-damage guarantee. A no-damage guarantee should give you the peace of mind knowing that the staff will be careful during the cleaning process and they’ll take responsibility in the event of damage to your stuff.