We’ve all heard the horror stories about the neighbor or friend who pressure washed the deck and killed all the plantings in the backyard doing so. Or the time when the ladder didn’t quite reach up far enough, so only half the chimney was cleaned. 

Having your home power washed by a qualified pressure washing company will help restore your home to its original beauty without having to deal with the mishaps that can inevitably occur with an untrained user.  Some may be wondering, “why use a professional pressure washing company, when I can clean it myself?”.  

So why hire a professional pressure washing company?

Outside Value

It makes your house look more attractive from the street and if it’s on the market, it makes a wonderful first impression that you would not be able to achieve by traditional cleaning; it would take time, effort and manpower. This overall will help increase your property value. 

It shows good maintenance habits and proves your home is a good home to buy. Often cleaning a new home is one of the biggest and most difficult tasks for new buyers, so by using Pressure Washing Systems, you are creating a desirable property. 

Less Toxic

Because pressure washing services rely on water, you are able to eradicate the usage of toxic substances across the home. These can pose health risks, and if you have children you would want to avoid using them for their benefit also. 

Toxic substances are often also abrasive and can have a lingering smell and effect on the home. Bleach for example is incredibly strong smelling and if you’re selling a home, you would not want prospective buyers to have the overwhelming smell of strong bleach wafting around the house. Using chemicals can also damage the look of the home, such as stripping paints away and any residue could sink into your furniture or your carpets which could also be damaging to your pets.

It Saves Water

Using a state-of-the-art industrial grade pressure washing unit, you are actually investing in the planet. When we clean the traditional way, we often use twice as much water, as we are using our hands or appliances to try and clean as efficiently as possible. 

With pressure washing, the force of the water is what assists greatly in cleaning thoroughly and not the usage of the water.

It Saves Money

This of course speaks for itself, but in reference to the above benefit, having to clean less means that you are not spending money more frequently to clean and not needing to spend additional money on other hidden costs! 

Less Worries! 

You can rest a little easier knowing that your property is clean and knowing that your home is in brilliant shape and that it is also incredibly void of any harmful chemicals that could affect your living space. It is one less thing to worry about and one more thing to boast about, for both yourself and your family. 

Disinfecting your Home

While you’re cleaning the exterior of your home don’t forget that our service includes and helps disinfect your home.