One of the problems with the cooler weather is that it makes us less concerned and motivated to take care of the outside of a property. Raking leaves and cleaning the gutters are excellent ideas but what about the mold and mildew that thrive in damp, cold weather, often leaving nasty stains behind?

All this is even more important if you run a business. You always want to present the best possible image to the public when you’re in business. If you would rather not deal with pressure washing, why not consider hiring professionals to do it for you? In fact, you could hire some professionals just like Lawrenceville Pressure Washing Pros that will definitely do the work for you. They know everything and which equipment to use in cleaning the areas in your home or in your business building. Off-season services make sense, considering that they may be less busy and more likely to get to your location quicker.

Pressure washing the exterior of your shop, office or manufacturing facility tells people that you care about what they think. 

Here’s what a professional pressure washing service can do for you, even in the cold-weather season:

  1. Pressure wash mold, mildew and leaf-stains from patio surfaces, driveways and walls.
  2. Wash away the grime and soot from chimneys, garage floors, and driveways.
  3. Make spring cleaning easier by helping to keep clean & stain-free sidewalks, walkways, pool and patio decks, screened enclosures, and porches.
  4. Properly, expertly (without causing any damage) and using the right amount of pressure and techniques, keep looking vibrant and clean siding made of vinyl, cedar, wood, stucco, coquina, etc.

Although some people think that anyone is qualified to pressure wash your home or business, this simply isn’t true. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause significant damage to sensitive surfaces, weaken structures, introduce moisture into places where it doesn’t belong and even damage insulation.

Here are some tips professionals are fully aware of:

  1. Graduate pressure according to the age/condition of the property and the type of surface you’re dealing with; too much pressure can cause significant damage to your home!
  1. Don’t pressure wash underneath vinyl siding—one of the jobs of vinyl siding is to keep moisture out of the exterior walls—but siding is made to withstand rain and storms, not pressure washers being misused.
  1. Be careful what type of cleaning chemicals you use; each chemical is suitable for only certain surfaces and not recommended for others.

You can’t use the same high pressure for all surfaces—some surfaces may not be able to take the onslaught; if you didn’t know this, stop what you’re doing and consult a professional. Some surfaces should never be pressure washed (even by accident), including plants, pets, other people (even if in jest—you can seriously hurt someone), delicate furniture, etc.

Don’t let cold weather stop you from having some pressure washing done on your home, especially if you can hire professionals to take care of the job. Pressure washing can be done year-round—in fact, it can prevent many problems that spring and summer washing may only partially help resolve. Although you can try doing it yourself, your best bet is to find people that know what they’re doing, won’t make matters worse and guarantee the quality of their work.